Generic Surgical Science Examination (GSSE)
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Gain the confidence you need to ace your GSSE exam. Our GSSE exam question bank will be a key component in your preparation as you simulate the real exam and build a detailed understanding of the syllabus.

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Detailed GSSE exam revision

Over 7000 unique and original questions written from Last’s, Ganong’s and Robbins’ to replicate the actual exam. Questions mirror those in the GSSE, including Type A, B, X and anatomy spotter questions.

High quality GSSE exam resources

High quality images will help you perfect your anatomy knowledge with prosections and radiology, so you’ll be in the best possible position to ace the GSSE exam.

Learn with feedback

Dedicated, detailed explanations are included with each question to reinforce concepts and optimise your preparation. Revision notes are provided on key syllabus topics to help organise your learning.

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GSSE Exam Dates 2024

  • 14–15 February 2024

    Registration is open from 14 November 2023 to 5 December 2023

  • 12–13 June 2024

    Registration is open from 19 March 2024 to 9 April 2024

  • 9–10 October 2024

    Registration is open from 16 July 2024 to 6 August 2024

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