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Ace Your Next Exam

Optimise your preparation and maximise your chances of success in your next exam.

Optimal preparation

Ace The Exam provides accurate simulated questions to replicate your exam as closely as possible, with focused explanations to aid recall and direct further study.

  • Comprehensive question banks

    With thousands of dedicated questions comprehensively covering all the topics found in your exam, you will reinforce key concepts and cover every base, including niche topics, to maximise your exam performance.

  • Replicate your exam

    Questions are written by expert authors closely following the recommended texts, to specifically replicate your exam.

  • Revise anywhere

    Optimised for mobile devices, allowing you to study on the go and make the most of precious study time.

Track your progress

Ensure you have covered everything and identify weak areas for greater focus

  • Topic completion

    Track your progress over time, revise specific or unselected topics, and identify areas for dedicated study.

  • Competitive edge

    Compare your performance to your peers and watch it improve over time.

  • Continual improvement

    User feedback and the ever-changing literature is continually monitored to ensure questions are up-to-date, accurate, and reflective of the exam.

“I thought the explanations provided on the site were really useful, especially the mnemonics. I will definitely be recommending Ace The Exam to others.”

RMO, New Zealand

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the website on my mobile?

Yes! The site is designed to be fully mobile friendly. We recommend you select the “Add to home screen” option on your phone internet browser.

Does the content cover all the exam material?

We have diligently cross-referenced our content with the exam syllabuses and reference texts to ensure all the major topics from each of these resources are covered. We regularly update the material.

Is the content original?

Yes, all of our content is entirely unique and copyright protected.

Do you have anything for medical students?

We are proud to sponsor the ASSA and are developing dedicated student content. Send us a message if you’d like to be involved.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your content?

Our questions go through a rigorous review process prior to being added to the database. In addition, we provide a feedback option for every question and any comments are carefully reviewed. If you feel any content is inaccurate or would like to clarify any points, please send us a message.

Do you cover other examinations?

We are currently building question banks for additional examinations. Watch this space! If you would like to request other material, drop us a message and we’d be happy to discuss.

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